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ARINC818 Products ...

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ARINC818 Products

AIM ARINC818 Products

AIM's ARINC818 Test & Simulation modules are available in PCI/ PCI-X and PCIe formats. Driver software is included with the module price in the form of a high level Application Programming Interface (API) supporting Windows, Linux and others on request.

PBA.proTM - Databus Test & Analysis Software™ is the new generation of Avionics Databus Test and Analysis software using a Modular, Scalable and Integrated approach for use with AIM's family of high performance test and simulation modules.™ is a powerful yet cost effective software system covering a wide range of applications from a stand alone databus analyzer to a complete systems test bench or advanced avionics integration facility with support for Automated Testing via Python and Tcl Scripting. Customisable user interfaces for dedicated Test Applications as well as built-in payload decoding and provisions for the import of program specific ICDs and database formats offer unrivalled capabilities for a powerful ARINC818 test tool.

AIM provides complete Databus Analyser solutions integrating the required Modules, Analyzer Software & PC platform to meet your specific requirements.

Digital Video Test Products for ARINC818 from AIM

With AIM’s Fibre Channel based ARINC818 Test & Simulation modules plus our™ Test and Analysis Software you have a powerful and comprehensive ARINC818 Analyzer. Visit our website or call us for a product demonstration so you see the full picture!

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